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Our Strict Covid-19 Prevention Guidelines: We are committed to providing you with the best experience during you charter. Staff always wearing protective face coverings, while sailing or preparing food, and during cleaning protocols. Hand sanitizer and disposable face masks available. Deep cleaning reinforcement including sanitizing surfaces and equipment more frequently. Limited number of guests and capacity. Staff and Guest’s temperature checks upon arrival.

Finding an activity the entire family will love is a tricky situation during these uncertain times. The main objective is to plan a fun day the entire family will love. The day will include good food, fun activities, and maybe some new experiences to fill the photo albums. Miami sailing charters has what any person is looking for in a family fun day. Here is what a booking a sailing charter means for every member of the family.

​The Kids
After being stuck at home for so long, kids just want to get out and enjoy the outdoors. This can be difficult considering certain places being closed and safety regulations. Miami sailing charters is perfect for kids of all ages to have a great day on the high seas. Once the boat is anchored, kids can be free to jump in and swim around the crystal blue waters. Upon request, kayaks or dinghies can be part of the charter for kids to paddle to their hearts content. The experience can release any pent-up tension from being home all the time and let kids just be kids again.

​The Adults
In the case of the adults partaking on an aquatic adventure, they can finally spend some quality time with their kids without any outside stress. While the kids splash in the water, the adults can take in the beautiful scenery right off of Key Biscayne. Some people cannot believe the views they might have missed right in their own city. Miami sailing charters simply transport their guests to these unforgettable views. Each boat can be equipped with a top chef to cook delicious meals as everyone watches the sunset on the horizon. After the whole day of playing in the water, a gourmet meal will be needed. If there is a worry about sanitation and safety procedures, the crew instills every safety precaution for guests to avoid any worry while they enjoy their trip.