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Our Strict Covid-19 Prevention Guidelines: We are committed to providing you with the best experience during you charter. Staff always wearing protective face coverings, while sailing or preparing food, and during cleaning protocols. Hand sanitizer and disposable face masks available. Deep cleaning reinforcement including sanitizing surfaces and equipment more frequently. Limited number of guests and capacity. Staff and Guest’s temperature checks upon arrival.

When you are planning out a vacation to the Miami area, you would be wise to take full advantage of all the different sights and sounds that this unique and beautiful area has to offer visitors. Whether you are planning to make a visit alone, or with some of your closest friends, loved ones, or family members, a sailing charter in Miami is one of the best ways to make sure that you have a great time on your vacation. However, many people don’t quite understand why this is. That’s why the team here at Sail Miami Now has taken the time to come up with this list that aims to explain how a sailing charter can take your upcoming Miami vacation to the next level.

Getting On a Boat Can Help You See the Ocean Up Close and Personal

Many people who visit an area like Miami don’t experience the ocean up close. Many of them only skim the surface by going to the beach and maybe dipping a toe in the water. When you are able to ride on a boat, though, you can experience the true glory and beauty of the ocean in its purest form. As an added bonus, an experienced sailing charter will make it so that you do not even have to worry about all of the technical specifics that may come along with trying to take your own boat out on the ocean in Miami. The average sailboat cruises at about 4-6 knots (4-7 mph or 7-11 km/h) and has a top speed of 9 knots (10 mph or 17 km/h). But when you take a sailing charter out on the sea, you will not have to consider these kinds of numbers or any others. Instead, you will find yourself feeling free to truly enjoy and embrace the ocean as it is.

A Proper Sailing Charter Can Teach You and Give You Great Lessons

While out sailing, you may also want to learn about operating a boat yourself. This is where an experienced charter can come into play. Charters often offer you their guidance and support as they teach you some specific lessons out on the high seas.

A Sailing Charter Will Create Unique Memories for Both You and Your Loved Ones

Finally, you have to consider the overall fun and unique experience that a sailing charter can bring to both you and the rest of your loved ones while on a vacation in the Miami area. Many people love the photo opportunities that a boat on the high seas can bring to them and their family members. Others simply fall in love with the gorgeous views and the fun stories that the experience can create for them on their vacation. Wherever you may happen to lie on this spectrum, there is just simply no denying the fact that a great sailing charter can help to create some unique memories for both you and the rest of your loved ones the next time you are on vacation in Miami, Florida.

At Sail Miami Now, our team is here to offer you, your family members, and other individuals in your travel group some great deals on everything from sailboat charters to sailboat rentals and sailing lessons. Our staff members are experienced in each and every aspect of sailing charters out on the seas, and we are here to answer any of your questions and take care of any concerns that may arise for you or your loved ones as you seek to use a sailing charter on the water. To learn more about how we can help you out, or to simply ask any questions you may have, please do not be afraid to reach out and get in contact with someone from our team at Sail Miami Now today. We are excited to introduce you to the wonderful world of sailing charters, no matter how much experience you may or may not have.