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Our Strict Covid-19 Prevention Guidelines: We are committed to providing you with the best experience during you charter. Staff always wearing protective face coverings, while sailing or preparing food, and during cleaning protocols. Hand sanitizer and disposable face masks available. Deep cleaning reinforcement including sanitizing surfaces and equipment more frequently. Limited number of guests and capacity. Staff and Guest’s temperature checks upon arrival.

Special occasions happen all the time. Maybe you have an anniversary that seems to get closer with each passing day. Perhaps a loved one is celebrating a milestone birthday in a few weeks. You’d love to do something out of the ordinary, but you’re stumped — until you remember that sailboat you saw just last Thursday.

It was pristine and just leaving the dock. You weren’t sure if it was a sailing lesson or sailing charter, but one thing was for sure: The sailboat caught your attention. And you know what? It could be the secret to the most unexpected, unforgettable gift you ever give someone.

Why a Sailboat Excursion Is a One-of-a-Kind Surprise

When events roll around, most people expect to receive ordinary types of presents. Flowers for anniversaries, chocolates for Mother’s Day, jewelry for birthdays. While those items all have their place and time, they’re unlikely to be treasured the way a memory would be.

Many people would love to spend time on a sailboat but feel that it’s out of their capability. They don’t realize that you can actually rent a boat and go sailing for about the same amount that you would spend on gift-giving. For that reason, you could absolutely shock your special someone with a sailboat journey the next time you see a celebration on the calendar.

Go for the Gusto and Choose a Sailboat Rental

Sailing attracts 3.75 million people yearly thanks to its romantic, fun appeal. In order to snag your desired dates, get on the phone, and arrange a sailboat rental today. Then, use your creativity to figure out how to let your special someone know about their unique present.

For instance, you might want to tell them to wear a specific outfit and simply pick them up without telling them where they’re going. On the other hand, you could write a fun poem with hints about hitting the seas in a beautiful sailboat. Perhaps you would rather just say, “We’re going sailing tonight and I can’t wait to take pictures on board!”

No matter how you unveil your thoughtful gift, you’ll be sure to earn rewards in the form of excited smiles.