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Our Strict Covid-19 Prevention Guidelines: We are committed to providing you with the best experience during you charter. Staff always wearing protective face coverings, while sailing or preparing food, and during cleaning protocols. Hand sanitizer and disposable face masks available. Deep cleaning reinforcement including sanitizing surfaces and equipment more frequently. Limited number of guests and capacity. Staff and Guest’s temperature checks upon arrival.

Some people may wrongly assume that they must own a sailboat, to enjoy sailing in the ocean. Far from that, you can enjoy sailing by utilizing sailboat rentals. You don’t need to own sailboats to have a great sailing experience. Sailboat charters are the reason why 3.75 million people participated in sailing in 2018. With Miami sailing charters, you can explore the Atlantic Ocean, via the Biscayne Bay, at your convenience. These are the perks you get to enjoy.

1. Time Your Tour

Not everyone has the time and luxury to sail in the ocean for weeks or months. Sometimes you just need a getaway and a break from your routine schedule and environment that can get monotonous and mundane. Or you’re on vacation in Miami for a week, and you want to enjoy sailing without leaving Miami. A sailboat charter in Miami, Florida, will make this happen.

You can choose a two-hour tour, four-hour, six-hour, or an eight-hour tour. With this, you get the best of both — you enjoy sailing in the Biscayne Bay, and still, get back to your normal routine, or continue with your vacation. Thanks to sailboat rentals, sailing is no longer an expensive affair that you have to plan and save money for months before you can afford a tour.

2. Learn How to Sail While at It

If you have always wished to learn how to sail, sailboat rentals offer you a perfect opportunity to finally check it off your bucket list. A six-hour basic sailing workshop will do well to introduce you to the basic sailing concepts. You get to learn how to operate sailboats while at sea, and the pre-sail boat preparations you should not miss. It gets better because you learn under the instructions of an experienced and a US COAST GUARD Certified Captain. As such, after your sailing lessons, you will be more familiar with sailing concepts such as wind-sensing, sail trim, rigging, points of sail, emergency procedures, anchoring, and use of nautical charts and basic rules of navigation. If you want to become an adept sailor, you can take more sailing lessons. The good thing is that sailboat rentals in Miami will always be available for more sailing lessons.

3. Engage in Fun Activities

While sailing, some people love to lay on the deck and sunbathe, and at the same time, enjoy the serene ocean-atmosphere. Others love to engage in various ocean sports such as swimming, kayaking, or explore the waters further using a utility dinghy. Others are in it for sight-seeing and the thrill of sailing in the deep Atlantic Ocean.

Whatever ocean activities make you tick, you can charter a sailboat in Miami and enjoy them to the fullest. Rental sailboats are large enough to accommodate a couple of your friends and family. So you can bring them on board. The more, the merrier, right? When you are in the company of five of your best friends on an eight-hour-long tour of the Biscayne Bay, it will be all fun and games.

4. Enjoy Fresh Meals Cooked by an on-Board Chef

Yes, your sailing tour would be no fun on an empty stomach. Some people say that the way to happiness is through the stomach. Chefs on sailboat rental in Miami will keep you full all through your ocean tour. You can have Italian Pastrami and Swiss cheese sandwich with fruit salad or enjoy chicken Caesar salad with fruit salad. An on-board chef will prepare these two menus on the course of a six or eight-hour tour. You can also order other lunch menus or carry your pre-cooked food. Either way, you will enjoy your ocean tour without hunger pangs in your belly.

Anytime you want to go sailing, Miami sailboats rentals will provide you with excellent options. Whether you want to sail for two hours or eight hours, or you want some sailing lessons, sailboat charters in Miami, Florida, will have your back. It is convenient, fun-packed, and affordable to charter a sailboat in Miami.